Principal investigator:

Luís Sanchez Rodrigues


Alessandro Margheri

Carlota Rebelo         

Cristina Serpa          

Jorge Buescu           

Luís Sanchez Rodrigues

Pedro Duarte           

Ricardo Enguiça     

Teresa Faria             


Other Researchers

Ana Rute Domingos<>

Program “Estímulo à Investigação”, FCG [⤴]

Diogo Caetano<>


Alexandre Simões<>

Telmo Peixe<>

Description of the Research Group

This group, with some variations in its configuration and name, has existed in CMAF for at least two decades.

It has joined together members with interests that may be assigned to one of the following areas:

-ordinary differential equations

-topological methods and their applications to nonlinear differential equations

-critical point theory, variational methods

-functional differential equations: delayed equations

-dynamical systems

Thus the group is concerned in particular with the qualitative theory of differential equations. A more extended list of keywords appearing in the group members' publications are: multiplicity, asymptotically linear systems, index theories, homoclinics and heteroclinics, distributed delays, global stability, travelling waves, Lyapunov exponents, persistence in epidemiological models, polygonal billiards, positive definite functions, computable dynamical systems theory.

The group has regular collaboration with researchers from universities in Portugal and abroad, namely Minho, Santiago de Compostela, Granada, Udine, Modena e Reggio Emilia, Bruxelles, Waseda, Szeged, Talca.


In the past, the group had precious contributions from Miguel Ramos as a member. He left an important work on variational methods applied to elliptic equations and systems. He died at 49 in January 2013.