Papers in international journals 2018



Almeida, B.F., Correia, I., and Saldanha-da-Gama, F.


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Paths to uniqueness of critical points and applications to partial differential equations Transactions of the American Math Society  


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Propagation of regularity and positive definiteness: a constructive approach Z. Anal. Anwend. 37 (2018), no. 1 1–24


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Remarks on a semilinear system in ℝn motivated by difference equations Mathematica Slovaca 68, no.5 1075-1082


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Entropy Production Inequalities for the Kac Walk Kinet. Rel. Mod. 11 (2018), no. 2



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Many-sorted equivalence of shiny and strongly polite theories Journal of Automated Reasoning 60 (2018), no. 2 221-236


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Kolmogorov one-way functions revisited Cryptography 2 (2018), no. 2 9


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Global Optimization of MIQCPs with Dynamic Piecewise Relaxations Journal of Global Optimization 71 (2018) 691-716


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Expanding Scope and Computational Challenges in Process Scheduling Computers & Chemical Engineering 114 (2018) 14-42


Castro, P.M., Mostafaei, H.


Batch-centric Scheduling Formulation for Treelike Systems with Forbidden Product Sequences Computers & Chemical Engineering  


Constantino, M., and Martins, I.


Branch-and-cut for the forest harvest scheduling subject to clearcut and core area constraints European Journal of Operational Research 265 (2018), no. 2 723-734


Correia, Simão, Figueira, Mário


Existence and stability of the spatial plane waves for the incompressible Navier-Stokes in R^3 J. Math. Fluid Mech. 20 (2018), no.1 189-197


Correia, I., Nickel, S., and Saldanha-da-Gama, F.


A stochastic multi-period capacitated multiple allocation hub location problem: formulation and inequalities Omega 74 (2018)



de Oliveira, H. B., Paiva, A.


A Stationary One-Equation Turbulent Model with Applications in Porous Media Journal of Math. Fluid Mechanics 20 (2018), no. 2 263-287


de Oliveira, H. B.


A Note on the Existence for a Model of Turbulent Flows Through Porous Media Springer Proceedings in Mathematics and Statistics 230 (2018) 21-38


Dias, João-Paulo, Freitas, Pedro


Decay of solutions for a class of nonlinear Schrödinger equations in and the stability of shock profiles for a quasilinear Benney system Nonlinearity 31 (2018) 1110–1119


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Time Traps in Supply Chains: is Optimal Still Good Enough? European journal of Operational Research 264 (2018) 813-829


Ferreira, F.


On some semi-constructive theories related to Kripke-Platek set theory Feferman on Foundations, edited by G. Jäger and W. Sieg. Springer  2018 347-384


Filho, A., Moretti, A., and Pato, M.


A Comparative Study of Exact Methods for the Bi-objective Integer Cutting Stock Problem Journal of the Operational Research Society 69 (2018) 91-107


Fiorot, Luísa, Fernandes, Teresa Monteiro


t-Structures for relative D-modules and t-exactness of the Rham functor Journal of Algebra 509 (2018) 419-444


Florentino, H., Cantane, D., Santos, F., Reis, C., Pato, M., Jones, D., Cerasuolo, M., Oliveira, R., and Lyra, L.


Genetic Algorithm for Optimized Chemical, Biological and Physical Dengue Control Pesquisa Operacional  


Inácio, P., Gomes, J.J., Airaksinen, M., Cavaco, A.


Exploring sociodemographic and economic factors that promote adverse drug reactions reporting by patients Health Policy 122 (2018)



Kinay, Ö.B., Kara, B., and Saldanha-da-Gama, F.


On multicriteria chance-constrained capacitated single-source discrete facility location problems Omega  


Kinay, Ö.B., Kara, B., Saldanha-da-Gama, F., and Correia, I. 


Modeling the shelter site location problem using chance constraints: A case study for Istanbul European Journal of Operational Research 270 (2018)



Ligeiro, R. and Vilela Mendes, R.


Detecting and quantifying ambiguity: a neural network approach Soft Computing 22 (2018)

2695 - 2703


Lopes, I., Martins, I., Mesquita, M., Sousa, V.V., and Ferreira-Dias, S.


Designing healthy ice creams with linear programming: an application using traditional Portuguese products

Journal of Food Process Engineering 41 (2018), no. 1



Marín, A., Martínez-Merino, L.I., Rodríguez-Chía, A.M., and Saldanha-da-Gama, F.


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Periodic linear motions with multiple collisions in a forced Kepler type problem SIAM J. Numer. Anal. 51 (2013), no. 6 3483–3504


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A shift based approach for multi skill nurse staffing: An application to Brazilian hospitals BMC Medical Informatics and Decision Making,  


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A computational application for multi-skill nurse staffing in hospital units BMC medical informatics and decision making 18 (2018). no. 53  


Saldaña, A., and Tavares, H.


Least energy nodal solutions of Hamiltonian elliptic systems with Neumann boundary conditions Journal of Differential Equations (published online in 2018)  


Saldanha-da-Gama, F.


Comments on: Extensive facility location problems on networks: An updated review TOP 26 (2018) 229-232


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Vilela Mendes, R.


Quantum control of quasi-collision states: A protocol for hybrid fusion Int. Journal of Modern Physics B 32 (2018), no. 11  


Xavier, M., Van Goethem, N., Novotny, A.


A simplified model of fracking based on the topological derivative concept Int. J. Sol. Struct. 139-140 (2018)




Accepted Papers 2018


Amstutz, S., Van Goethem, N.


The incompatibility operator: from Riemann's intrinsic view of geometry to a new model of elasto-plasticity CIM Series in Mathematical Sci.  


Caroccia, M., Cristoferi, R., Dietrich, L.


Equilibria Configurations for Epitaxial Crystal Growth with Adatoms Arch. Rat. Mech, Anal.  


Gidoni, P., Margheri, A.


Lower bound on the number of periodic solutions for asymptotically linear planar Hamiltonian systems'' DCDS-A  


Muroya, Y., and Faria, T.


Attractivity of saturated equilibria for Lotka-Volterra systems with infinite delays and feedback controls Discrete Contin. Dyn. Syst. Ser. B  


Scala, R.


Optimal estimates for the triple junction function and other surprising aspects of the area functional An. Sc. Norm. Sup. Pisa  


Scala, R., Van Goethem, N.


Variational evolution of dislocations in single crystals J. Nonlinear Sci.  


Scala, R., Van Goethem, N.


A Variational Approach to Single Crystals with Dislocations SIAM journal on Mathematical Analysis  


Scala, R., Van Goethem, N.


Analytic and geometric properties of dislocation singularities Proc. R. Soc. Edinburgh: Section A Math.  


Tchorzewski, J., Respicio, A., and Kolodziej, J.


ANN-Based Secure Task Scheduling in Computational Clouds ECMS 2018, European Council for Modeling and Simulation 468-474