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Principal Investigator

Fernando Ferreira


List of PhD Integrated Members

Alexander Usvyatsov (FCT Researcher)
usvyatsov AT gmail DOT com

Amílcar Sernadas (Professor at IST — deceased Feb 7, 2017)

Bruno Dinis (Postdoctoral Researcher)
bruno DOT salsa AT gmail DOT com  

Cristina Sernadas (Professor at IST)
cristina DOT sernadas AT tecnico DOT ulisboa DOT pt

Ezgi Iraz Su (Postdoctoral Researcher)
ezgiraz AT gmail DOT com  

Emanuele Frittaion (Postdoctoral Researcher)
emanuelefrittaion AT gmail DOT com  

Fernando Ferreira (Professor at FCUL)
fjferreira AT fc DOT ul DOT pt

Gilda Ferreira (Postdoctoral Researcher)
gmferreira AT fc DOT ul DOT pt

João Rasga (Professor at IST)
joao DOT rasga AT tecnico DOT ulisboa DOT pt

Mário Edmundo (Professor at FCUL)
mjedmundo AT fc DOT ul DOT pt  


PhD Students

Filipe Casal
filipe DOT casal AT tecnico DOT ulisboa DOT pt

João Enes   
joaofenes AT gmail DOT com

Pedro Pinto  
pedrosantospinto AT hotmail DOT com

Sílvia Reis   
silvia_r AT live DOT com DOT pt


External Collaborators

António Fernandes 
amfernandes AT netcabo DOT pt

Isabel Oitavem
oitavem AT fct DOT unl DOT pt

Jaime Gaspar
mail AT jaimegaspar DOT com

Luís Pereira 
lmdpereira AT fc DOT ul DOT pt

Reinhard Kahle  
kahle AT mat DOT uc DOT pt


Description of the Research Group

The members of the Mathematical Logic group are all based at Universidade de Lisboa. It is fair to say that the group has acquired a good reputation among the centres of logic in Europe. There are three main directions in the group: proof theory, model theory and applied logic.

F. Ferreira and G. Ferreira work in proof theory, specially functional interpretations and issues like atomic polymorphism. F. Ferreira has also interests in the foundations of mathematics. B. Dinis wrote his PhD dissertation on nonstandard analysis but recently he has also showed interest in some issues of proof theory. M. Edmundo and L. Prelli work on o-minimal structures. Prelli provides an interface between model theory and real analytic geometry and, together with Edmundo, they embarked on the project of investigating the six Groethendiek operations in the o-minimal setting. A. Usvyatsov works mainly on continuous model theory and stability and has joint papers with such prominent researchers as Saharon Shelah. A. Sernadas, C. Sernadas and J. Rasga work mainly in applied logic recently focusing on probabilistic reasoning, albeit with continued interest in some aspects of universal logic, including combination of logics and Kolmogorov complexity of derivability. A. Sernadas is also interested in quantum reasoning and computing.

The group holds a regular seminar (Seminário de Lógica Matemática), now in its 28th year. This is the main forum for the group to meet on a regular basis.