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Algebra, Logic and Geometry
Name ORCID Research interests
Marija Dodig 0000-0001-8209-6920  
Mário Edmundo 0000-0002-3350-9271  Model Theory; o-minimal structures
Carlos Florentino 0000-0003-1001-0352 Complex Algebraic and Differential Geometry; Moduli Spaces
Teresa Monteiro Fernandes 0000-0002-4014-9868 Algebraic Analysis; D-Modules
Fernando Ferreira 0000-0002-8693-7210 Functional Interpretations in Logic; Foundations of Mathematics
Gilda Ferreira 0000-0003-1447-9764 Mathematical Logic; Proof Theory
Susana Furtado 0000-0003-0395-5972 Matrix Theory; Applications to decision Analysis
Giosuè Muratore 0000-0003-0038-1432 Algebraic Geometry; Enumerative Geometry
César Rodrigo 0000-0001-9861-5983 Differential Geometry; Calculus of Variations
Susana Duarte dos Santos 0000-0001-7817-3989 Differential Geometry
Paulo Guilherme Santos 0000-0002-6686-005X Mathematical Logic; Formal Arithmetic; Proof Theory
Maria Manuel Torres 0000-0002-2658-0133  


Nonlinear Analysis and Differential Equations
Name ORCID Research interests
Stanislav Antontsev 0000-0002-9469-9902  
Cristian Barbarosie 0000-0002-9144-7750 Mechanics of Deformable Solids; Optimization
Raquel Barreira 0000-0002-8326-1593 Numerical Analysis; Reaction-Diffusion Systems
Ana Cristina Barroso 0000-0003-3323-8608 Calculus of Variations
Jorge Buescu 0000-0001-5444-5089 Mathematical Analysis; Dynamical Systems
Eric Carlen 0000-0003-2613-187X Functional Analysis and Probability; Mathematical Physics
Jean-Baptiste Casteras 0000-0002-6773-6560 Geometric Analysis; Partial Differential Equations
João Paulo Dias 0000-0002-9246-7497  Partial Differential Equations; Mathematical Physics
Pedro Duarte 0000-0002-1838-3770 Dynamical Systems; Ergodic Theory
Teresa Faria 0000-0002-2656-263X Functional Differential Equations
Mário Figueira 0000-0001-5237-2138  Numerical Analysis; Mathematical Analysis
Nicolas Van Goethem 0000-0002-5356-8383  Mathematical Modelling in Material Sciences
Alessandro Margheri 0000-0001-6475-3405 Differential Equations; Biomathematics; Celestial Mechanics
Manuel Monteiro Marques 0000-0002-6710-0159  Calculus of Variations; Differential Equations
Rui Vilela Mendes 0000-0002-4920-9214  Mathematical Physics
Hermenegildo Borges de Oliveira 0000-0001-9053-8442 Non-Linear Differential Equations
Maria João Oliveira 0000-0002-4027-9849  Mathematical Physics; Stochastic Analysis
Adelino Paiva 0000-0001-8959-181X Distributional products; conservation laws
José Francisco Rodrigues 0000-0001-8438-0749  Partial Differential Equations
Luis Sanchez Rodrigues 0000-0002-7128-2055 NonLinear Analysis; Boundary Value Problems
Carlos Sarrico 0000-0001-5662-4419  
Cristina Serpa 0000-0002-8561-118X Dynamical Systems; Fractal Regression
Anca-Maria Toader 0000-0002-6670-2406 Numerical Methods in Calculus of Variations; Shape and Topology Optimization
Hugo Beirão da Veiga 0000-0003-0063-8349  Functional Analysis; Partial Differential Equations
Pierre Vuillermot 0000-0003-3527-9163 Random Dynamical Systems, Partial Differential Equations, Mathematical Physics


Operations Research and Optimization
Name ORCID Research interests
Maria Eugénia Captivo 0000-0003-4963-244X   
Miguel Constantino 0000-0001-7550-2740  
Maria Teresa Godinho 0000-0002-3377-9327 Network Problems; Integer Linear Programming models
Luis Gouveia 0000-0003-4393-1617 Discrete Optimization; Integer Linear Programming; Graph Theory; Network Design; Routing; Logistics; Telecommunications
Isabel Martins 0000-0003-0205-0645  
Marta Mesquita 0000-0002-3546-3932  
Maria Cândida Mourão 0000-0002-3891-6730 Routing Problems; Integer Linear Programming models and heuristics
Margarida Moz 0000-0003-1769-1314   
Ana Paias 0000-0002-1339-1974  Routing Problems; Vehicle and Crew Scheduling; Network Models; MILP Models; Heuristics
José Pinto Paixão 0000-0002-1399-0934  
Margarida Vaz Pato 0000-0003-2277-5918