Scientific Profects (FCT)

EXLY - New trends in Lyapunov exponents

PI: Pedro Duarte
Funding: 230K€ - Dates 01.09.2018 to 30.08.2021

QuantumG - Irregular connections on algebraic curves and quantum field theory

Co-PI: Carlos Florentino


Funding: 223k€

ImproveOR - Building decision support tools for improved operating room management


Funding: 23k for Unit (Members)

(NP)2DEs - New perspectives in Nonlinear PDEs non compensated optimal transport, reaction-diffusion systems and nonlocal equations


Funding: k€35 for the Unit (Members)

SEROW – Sectoring and Routing Optimisation for Waste Management – theory into practice (DC/EGE-GES/121406/2010) (65K €) [PI and members]

Mathematical theory of dislocations: geometry, analysis, and modelling

FCT Starting Grant (IF/00734/2013)
PI: Nicolas Van Goethem

The main purpose of this research project is dislocation modeling in solid bodies (single crystals). This encompasses analytical and geometrical properties of dislocation-singularities, functional analysis for the incompatibility operator, incompatibility-based models of plasticity and time-evolution of dislocation sets. The mathematical tools used and developed for this purposes are PDEs, variational methods, differential geometry and topological sensitivity analysis. Nonlinear elasticity, Continuum mechanics and thermodynamics are also required and developed for such models. In general, theoretical and numerical results are sought.


RORNET- Modeling Routing and Rostering with Network Flows

PI: Luís Gouveia
RORNET Funding: 199.598,00€ - Dates 01.04.2016 to 01.10.2019



Leader: Nico Stollenwerk
"Dengue research Framework for resisting Epidemics in Europe"
From Jan. 2012 to Dec. 2016; Total: 384 K€



Scientific Projects (Others)

CEECIND/00730/2017. Optimization Models & Algorithms for Industry 4.0

NSF Project – GEAR (Geometric Structures and Representation Scructures)

(5000 K€ ????) (Members)

ERC Advanced Grant 2013 entitled: Complex Patterns for Strongly Interacting Dynamical Systems - COMPAT

[2013-2018] (Member)

DENFREE, WP4, Dengue research Framework for resisting Epidemics in Europe

 (Jan 2012 to Dec 2016)
(384 K€) (PI and members) 384 K€

Embedding Risk in Supply Chain Network Design Problems

Main researcher: Francisco Saldanha da Gama
Projecto de cooperação transnacional Portugal-Alemanha financiado pela FCT:
Dates: 2015 e 2016 - Funding: 4000 Euros

Red Iberoamericana de Logística Inteligente en la Gestión Sostenible del Transporte en Núcleos Urbanos

Pedro Martins, member.

Embedding Risk in Supply Chain Network Design Problems

(2015 and 2016), Cooperation project between Germany and Portugal (4k) [Co-Pi and members]

2015-2018, Programa Iberoamericano de Ciencia y Tecnologia para el Desarrollo (CYTED), Spain, Red 515RT0489 (PI: Francisco Javier Faulin Fajardo).