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Geometric Aspects of Model Theory (with Boris Zilber)

The course will take place on Mondays, from 3:30pm to 5pm in room C6.2.33 of Faculdade de Ciências da Universidade de Lisboa. The first session is in October 14.


Particle Systems and PDE's VIII

Organizing Committee:
Cédric Bernardin (University of Nice)
Maria Conceição Carvalho (CMAFcIO, University of Lisbon)
Patrícia Gonçalves (CAMGSD, University of Lisbon)
Stefano Scotta (CAMGSD, University of Lisbon)
Ana Jacinta Soares (CMAT, University of Minho)


International Workshop on Differential Equations: On the Occasion of Luis Sanchez’s 70th Birthday

5 - 6 September 2019
We are very pleased to announce the celebration in honor of Luis Sanchez, on the occasion of his 70th birthday. This celebration, presented as an International Workshop on Differential Equations, counts with distinguished Plenary Speakers who have had an emblematic importance in Sanchez scientific activity, at national and international level, and are, moreover, representative of  the proficuous, fruitful and friendly research environment from which many generations have benefited. It is an opportunity to bring together mathematicians, colleagues and friends, promoting the exchange of ideas and attracting young researchers to the field of Differential Equations.


Workshop Nonlinear PDEs in Braga

7 - 9 June 2019, Braga
The study of PDEs is one of the major subjects in mathematics nowadays and their usage spreads from abstract to applied mathematics. This workshop will be devoted to the analysis of various types of nonlinear PDEs (elliptic, parabolic, hyperbolic, dispersive, etc.) and applications. The event will take place from 7 to 9 of June 2019, in the Edifício dos Congregados, located in the centre of the beautiful and historical city of Braga, Portugal. This event is hosted by the University of Minho, in a collaboration between research centers from Braga, Coimbra and Lisbon.
Dmitry Vorotnikov
Fernando Miranda
Lisa Santos
Hugo Tavares (CMAFcIO)


Algebraic Analysis and Geometry with a view on Higgs bundles and D-modules<

3 - 7 June 2019, Porto
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LxDS Spring School 2019

3-day spring school (29th to 31st May) on dynamical systems to be held at Faculdade de Ciências/ULisboa.
The school will consist of three mini-courses in specific areas of dynamical systems lectured by specialists of recognized international merit.



The CIM Colloquium is a Mathematical Sciences event taking place before the annual council of the CIM Associates. This year the lecture on “A stochastic approach to (deterministic) Hydrodynamics” will be given by Ana Bela Cruzeiro, from the University of Lisbon, the 5th April at the Instituto Superior Técnico/ULisboa.


Workshop "Advances and Challenges in Nonlinear Elliptic Systems"

7 - 8 February 2019, at RISM Institute, Varese (Italy)
Danielle Cassani
Hugo Tavares (CMAFcIO)
Jianjun Zhang


8th Winter School on Network Optimization 

The 8th edition of the Winter School on Network Optimization will take place at Hotel Estoril Éden,   Estoril from the 14th  to the 18th of January 2019. Its main objective is to provide an opportunity for PhD students to get together and attend high level courses in the field of Network Optimization. Non-PhD students are welcome to attend the school, but the number of participants is limited and priority will be given to PhD students.