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Papers in International Journals


B. Dinis, É. Miquey

Realizability with Stateful Computations for Nonstandard Analysis

Leibniz International Proceedings in Informatics Schloss Dagstuhl (CSL 2021)

vol.183 pp. 19:1–19:23


B. Dinis, P. Oliva


A parametrised functional interpretation for Heyting arithmetic

Annals of Pure and Applied Logic

172:4 (2021)


B. Dinis, M. Edmundo, M. Mamino 


Fundamental group in an arbitrary o-minimal structure with definable Skolem functions

Annals of Pure and Applied Logic

172:8 (2021) 102975 


B. Dinis, B. Jacinto


A nonstandard view on vagueness

Proceedings of the 13th Panhellenic Logic Symposium



Gowrisankar, A., Golmankhaneh, A. K., Serpa, C. 


Fractal Calculus on Fractal Interpolation Functions

Fractal Fract. 

(5) 157 (2021) 1-15 


Buescu, J., Serpa, C. 


Compatibility Conditions for Systems of Iterative Functional Equations with Non-trivial Contact Sets

Results in Mathematics

76 (2) (2021) 1-19 


Mitic, V., Serpa, C., Ilic, I., Mohr, M., Fecht, H.-J. 


Fractal nature of advanced Ni-based superalloys solidied on board the international space station

Remote Sensing

13 (9) (2021) 1-22


Serpa, C. 


A note on fractal interpolation vs fractal regression

Academia Letters 

808, 1-5, 2021 


Serpa, C., Forouharfar, A. 


Fractalization of Chaos and Complexity: Proposition of a New Method in the Study of Complex Systems

Springer Proceedings in Complexity

87-105 (2021) 


Ferreira, F.


On false Heine/Borel compactness principles in proof mining

Lecture Notes in Computer Science 

12813, (2021) pp. 199-203 


Ferreira, F.


The abstract type of the real numbers

Archive for Mathematical Logic

60, 1005–1017 (2021) 


Espírito Santo, J., Ferreira, G


The Russell-Prawitz embedding and the atomization of universal instantiation

Logic Journal of the IGPL

29(5):823-858, (2021) 


A. T. Baraviera, P. Duarte, M. J. Torres 


Stationary Measures on Infinite Graphs

Communications in Contemporary Mathematics


G. Del Magno, Gianluigi, J.L. Dias, P. Duarte, J.P. Gaivão 


Hyperbolic Polygonal Billiards Close to 1-Dimensional Piecewise Expanding Maps


Journal of Statistical Physics  182, no. 1, 11, (2021)
Monteiro Fernandes, T., Prelli, L.


Relative subanalytic sheaves II


Milan Journal of Mathematics 89, 387-411, (2021) 


Florentino, C., A. Nozad, A. Zamora


Serre polynomials of SLn- and PGLn-character varieties of free groups Jour. Geom. & Physics 161 (2021) 104008  


Florentino, C.,  J. Silva


Hodge-Deligne polynomials of abelian character varieties Open Mathematics 19 (2021) 


Buescu, J., Paixão, A. C. 


Positive-definiteness and integral representations for special functions Positivity 25, No. 2, pp. 731-750 (2021)



Ferreira, F.

Princípios de Teoria dos Conjuntos (Cadernos de Lógica e Computação)

College Publications ISBN – 9781848903470



Margheri, A., Rebelo C.,  Zanolin, F.


Fixed points for planar maps with multiple twists, with application to nonlinear equations with indefinite weight

Philosophical Transaction of the Royal Society A, Volume 379 Issue 2191



Barroso, A.C, E. Zappale 


An optimal design problem with non-standard growth and no concentration effects

Asympt. Anal.

31–53, 2021


Antontsev, S.,  H.B. de Oliveira, Khompysh, Khonatbek 


The classical Kelvin-Voigt problem for incompressible fluids with unknown non-constant density: existence, uniqueness and regularity

Journal Nonlinearity, 34(2021), 3083-3111

34, 3083-3111, 211–237, 2021


Antontsev, S., Jorge Ferreira, Erhan Pişkin, Sebastião Martins Siqueira Cordeiro 


Existence and non-existence of solutions for Timoshenko –type equations with variable exponents

Nonlinear Analysis: Real World Applications

vol. 61, 103341 23 pp., 2021

Antontsev, S., Jorge Ferreira, Erhan Piskin Existence and blow up of solutions for a strongly damped Petrovsky equation with variable-exponent nonlinearities


Electron. J. Differential Equations


vol. 2021, No. 06, pp. 1-18, 2021
Antontsev, S., J. Ferreira  A nonlinear viscoelastic plate equation with p (x, t)-Laplace operator: Blow up of solutions with negative initial energy


Nonlinear Analysis: Real World Applications


59,10324, 2021


Antontsev, S., Oliveira, Kh. Khompysh 


Kelvin –Voigt equations with anisotropic diffusion, relaxation and damping: Blow-up and large time behavior Journal Asymptotic Analysis vol. 121, no. 2, pp. 125-157, 2021


Antontsev, S., Khompysh, Khonatbek


An inverse problem for generalized Kelvin-Voigt equation with p-Laplacian and damping term J. Inverse Problems vol. 37, n8, 2021


Antontsev, S., A.A. Papin, M.A. Tokareva, E.I. Leonova, E.A. Gridushko 


Modeling of Tumor Occurrence and Growth-III Iz Izvestia of Altai State University Journal nº4 (120), pp. 71-80 , 2021 


Bonheure, Denis, Casteras, Jean-Baptiste Román, Carlos 


Unbounded mass radial solutions for the Keller-Segel equation in the disk Calc. Var. Partial Differential Equations 60, no. 5, Paper No. 198, 30 pp, 2021
Bonheure, Denis, Casteras, Jean-Baptiste, Gladiali, Francesca  Bifurcation analysis of the Hardy-Sobolev equation


J. Differential Equations


296, 759–798, 2021 
Casteras, Jean-Baptiste, Mandel, Rainer  On Helmholtz equations and counterexamples to Strichartz estimates in hyperbolic space


Int. Math. Res. Not. IMRN


no. 7, 4838–4863, 2021 
N.D. Lopes, H.B. de Oliveira  Continuous/discontinuous Galerkin approximations for a fourth-order nonlinear problem


Computers and Mathematics with Applications 


97, 122-152, 2021 
Beirão da Veiga, H., Jiaqi Yang  On the partial regularity of suitable weak solutions in the non-Newtonian shear-thinning case




34, 562—577, 2021
Beirão da Veiga, H., Jiaqi Yang  On mixed pressure-velocity regularity criteria to the Navier-Stokes equations in Lorentz spaces


Chinese Ann. Math.,Series B


42(1),1-16, 2021
J.P. Dias  A quasilinear system related with the asymptotic equation of the nematic liquid crystal's director field


Chinese Ann. Math.,Series B


42, 163-172, 2021
Chau, Oanh, Petrov, Adrien, Heibig, Arnaud, Marques, Manuel Monteiro 


A frictional dynamic thermal contact problem with normal compliance and damage


Nonlinear analysis and global optimization 71-107, 167, 2021
Correia, S., Figueira, M.


A generalized complex Ginzburg-Landau equation: Global existence and stability results


Communications on Pure & Applied Analysis  vol.20 (5), 2021-2038, 2021
Kavallaris, N. I., Barreira, R., Madzvamuse, A. 


Dynamics of Shadow System of a Singular Gierer–Meinhardt System on an Evolving Domain


Journal of Nonlinear Science  31, 1, 2021 
Paz, M.C., Santos, S. A.P., Barreira, R. 


Processing of high-resolution temporal climate data for daily simulations of a complex agro-ecosystem


Revista de Estudios Andaluces 2021
Ascensão, C., Ferreira, B., Barreira, R., Carriço, N. 


Comparison of Reconstruction Methods for Water Supply Systems Flow Rate Time Series


Springer International Publishing 851-858, 2021
Vilela Mendes, R.


Modular quantum computing and quantum-like devices


International Journal of Quantum Information vol. 19, nº 03, 2150020, 2021 
Vilela Mendes, R., Aguirre, C.


Tools to Characterize the Correlated Nature of Collective Dynamics


Complex Systems vol. 30, Issue 1, 2021
Vilela Mendes, R.


Alternative Quantum Formulations and Systems at the Classical-Quantum Border


ICPS 2019, ICPS 2018, ICPS 2017: From Particle Systems to Partial Differential Equations pp 381-400, 2021 
Vilela Mendes, R.


O planeta humano: sustentabilidade e governabilidade


chapter in book "Complexidade: Implicações e políticas globais"  pp. 133-155 , 2021
C.O.R. Sarrico 


Travelling waves for the Brio system


Journal of Nonlinear Science  31, article 69, 2021 
C.O.R. Sarrico 


The movement of a particle according to the Gurevich-Zibin dark matter model


J. Math. Phys.  62, 051509, 2021 
Miguel Boto, C.O.R. Sarrico 


Distributional profiles for travelling waves in the Camassa-Holm equation


Journal of Dynamics and Differential Equations 2021
T. Faria


Permanence for Nonautonomous Differential Systems with Delays in the Linear and Nonlinear Terms


Mathematics 9, 263, 2021 
T. Faria


Permanence and exponential stability for generalised nonautonomous Nicholson systems


Electronic Journal of Qualitative Theory of Differential Equations  nº 9, 1–19, 2021
Xavier, M., Van Goethem, N. 


Brittle fracture on plates governed by topological derivatives


Engineering Computations  2021
Sanchez, L., João G. Silva 


Remarks on periodic resonant problems with nonlinear dissipation


Electronic Journal of Differential Equations special Issue 01, pp. 203-212, 2021


Azevedo, A., Rodrigues, J.F., Santos, L. 


Lagrange multipliers for evolution problems with constraints on the derivatives St. Petersburg Mathematical Journal 32(3), pp. 435–448, 2021


Rodrigues, J. F., Santos, L.


Correction to: “On nonlocal variational and quasi-variational inequalities with fractional gradient Appl. Math. Optim.  84, nº3, 3565-3567, 2021 


Carlen, E.A., Ulusoy, S. 


Dissipation for a non-convex gradient flow problem of a Patlack–Keller–Segel type for densities on Rd, d≥3 Nonlinear Analysis, Theory, Methods and Applications 208, 112314, 2021


Carlen, E.A., Holzmann, M., Jauslin, I., Lieb, E.H.


Simplified approach to the repulsive Bose gas from low to high densities and its numerical accuracy Physical Review A 103(5), 053309, 2021
Carlen, E.A., Frank, R.L., Ivanisvili, P., Lieb, E.H. Inequalities for Lp -Norms that Sharpen the Triangle Inequality and Complement Hanner’s Inequality


Journal of Geometric Analysis


31(4), pp. 4051–4073, 2021
Amorim, É., Carlen, E.A. Complete positivity and self-adjointness


Linear Algebra and Its Applications


611, pp. 389–439, 2021


Bernardino, R.; Paias, A.

Heuristic approaches for the family traveling salesman problem

International Transactions in Operational Research, 28



Gouveia, L., McGarraghy, S., Brugha, C.M. 


Introduction to Special Issue European Journal of Operational Research, 291 (3) 807


Fortz, B., Gouveia, L., Büsing, C., Leitner, M. 


Editorial Preface: Special issue on network analytics and optimization Networks, 77(4) 475–476


Fortz, B., Gouveia, L.Moura, P. 



A comparison of node-based and arc-based hop-indexed formulations for the Steiner tree problem with hop constraints


Networks 2021
Pedro M. Castro, Qi Liao and Yongtu Liang 


Comparison of mixed-integer relaxations with linear and logarithmic partitioning schemes for quadratically constrained problems


Optimization and Engineering 2021


Pedro M. Castro 


Systematic Approaches for Optimal Scheduling of Straight Pipelines with Batch-Centric Formulations Industrial Engineering and Chemistry Research 60 15600-15617
Yamin Yan, Pedro M. Castro, Qi Liao, Yongtu Liang 


An Effective Decomposition Algorithm for Scheduling Branched Multiproduct Pipelines


Computers & Chemical Engineering 154 107494
Pedro M. Castro 


A piecewise relaxation for quadratically constrained problems based on a mixed-radix numeral system


Computers & Chemical Engineering 153 107459
Hossein Mostafaei, Pedro M. Castro, Fabricio Oliveira, Iiro Harjunkoski 


Efficient Formulation for Transportation Scheduling of Single Refinery Multiproduct Pipelines


European Journal of Operational Research 293 731-747
Hossein Mostafaei, Pedro M. Castro, Susana Relvas, Iiro Harjunkoski 


A Holistic MILP Model for Scheduling and Inventory Management of a Multiproduct Oil Distribution System


Omega 98 102110
R. Ferreira, V. Móra, M.C. MourãoM. Moz, L.S. Pinto, J. Ribeiro 


Arc Routing for Parking Enforcement Officers: Exact and heuristic solutions


European Journal of Operational Research, 229, 1 283-301
Chuan Wang, Hongjie Lan, Francisco Saldanha-da-Gama, Youhua Chen


On optimizing a multi-mode last mile parcel delivery system with vans, truck and drone


Electronics 2021
Yuchen Li, Francisco Saldanha-da-Gama, Ming Liu, Zaoli Yang


A risk-averse two-stage stochastic programming model for a joint multi-item capacitated line balancing and lot-sizing


European Journal of Operational Research 2021
Yuchen Li, Zixiang Li, Francisco Saldanha-da-Gama


(Data-Driven) New approaches for re-balancing an assembly line with disruptions


International Journal of Computer Integrated Manufacturing 2021
Antonio Diglio, Juanjo Peiró, Carmela Piccolo, Francisco Saldanha-da-Gama


Solutions for districting problems with chance-constrained balancing requirements


Omega, 103 2021
Zehranaz Dönmez, Bahar Y.Kara, Özlem Karsu, Francisco Saldanha da Gama


Humanitarian Facility Location under Uncertainty: Critical Review and Future Prospects


Omega, 102 2021
Henrique Amorim Almeida, Rita M T Ascenso, L. Ferreira, Eunice S.G. Oliveira


Body morphology of biomechanical students from the Polytechnic of Leiria


in book: Advances and Current Trends in Biomechanics ISBN 9781003217152
A. Paias, M. Mesquita, M. Moz, M. Pato 


A network flow-based algorithm for bus driver rerostering


OR Spectrum, 43, 2 543-576
Angelo Aliano Filho, Teresa Melo,  M. Pato


A bi-objective mathematical model for integrated planning of sugarcane harvesting and transport operations


Computers and Operations Research 134 2021
Mesquita, M., Paias, A., Wise, L. 


Optimizing the routes of a research vessel with an hybrid metaheuristic


International Journal of Management Science and Engineering Management 16, 1 58-71
Mesquita, M., Susete Marques, Marlene Marques, Marco Marto, Constantino, M., José G. Borges 


An optimization approach to design forest road networks and plan timber transportation


Operational Research - An International Journal 2021
Pig Slurry, Sílvia Sousa, Elizabeth Duarte, Mesquita, M., Sandra Saraiva 


Energetic Valorization of Cereal and Exhausted Coffee Wastes Through Anaerobic Co-digestion


Frontiers in Sustainable Food Systems 2021
Maria do Rosário Cameira, João Rolim, Fernanda Valente, Mesquita, M., Ulrike Dragosits, Cláudia M.d.S. Cordovil  


Translating the agricultural N surplus hazard into groundwater pollution risk: Implications for effectiveness of mitigation measures in nitrate vulnerable zones


Agriculture, Ecosystems & Environment, 306 2021
Proença, C., Neves, M., Dias, J.C. Martins, P.


Determinants of sovereign debt ratings in clusters of European countries – effects of the crisis


Journal of Financial Economic Policy 2021
Martins, P., Martins, F. A.


Launcher nodes for detecting efficient influencers in social networks


Online Social Networks and Media, 25 2021
Domingues TD, Grabowska AD, Lee J-S, Ameijeiras-Alonso J, Westermeier F, Scheibenbogen C, Cliff JM., Nacul L., Lacerda EM., Mouriño H., Sepúlveda N. 


Herpesviruses Serology Distinguishes Different Subgroups of Patients From the United Kingdom Myalgic Encephalomyelitis/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Biobank


Frontiers in Medicine, 8:686736 2021
Romagosa M, Pérez-Jorge S, Cascão I, Mouriño H, Lehodey P, Pereira A, Marques TA, Matias L, Silva MA. 


Food talk: 40-Hz fin whale calls are associated with prey biomass


Proc. R. Soc. B 20211156 2021
Carvalho, M., Klimentova, X., Glorie, K.M., Viana, A., Constantino, M.


Robust Models for the Kidney Exchange Problem


INFORMS J. Comput., 33 861-881, 2021