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CMAFcIO Open Meetings 2023

4- 5, July, 2023


The meeting will take place at Faculdade de Ciências da Universidade de Lisboa, room C6.2.33

Although it would be preferable that you attend in person, you can attend remotely using the zoom link:

For more information, please contact or

Organizing Committee:

Carlos Florentino, Gilda Ferreira, Luís Gouveia, Mário Edmundo and Pedro Moura

  • July 4th
14:00 - 14:15 A brief presentation of CMAFcIO by Luís Gouveia (coordinator)
  PhD/BI/BII's students
14:20 − 14:35 Pedro Campos Stability problems in obstacle problems: from fractional to classical
14:35 − 14:50 Tomé Graxinha Random non-invertible two dimensional cocycles
14:50 − 15:05 Luís Simão Ferreira Spectral gaps and entropy production for Kac's process
15:05 − 15:20 Guilherme Velez Properties of Fractal Functions on Multidimensional Vicsek Fractals
15:20 − 15:35 Henrique Prates Stability for a Nicholson’s equation with mixed monotonicities
15:35 − 15:50 Duarte Costa An application of the relative Hermitian Duality Functor
  • July 5th
  PhD/BI/BII's students
14:00 − 14:15 Sofia Henriques Solving the Period Travelling Salesman Problem
14:15 − 14:30 Francisco Canas Models for the Hamiltonian P-median problem
14:30 − 14:45 Giosué Muratore Enumerative Geometry and Contact Curves
14:45 − 15:00 Maria Osório On the Proof Theory of Modal Logics

Supported by FCT project: UIDP/04561/2020