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Logic, Geometry and Dynamical Systems

Papers in international journals / books / book chapters / book editors

Authors Title Journal
Buescu, J., Casquilho, M. Standard deviation estimation from sums of unequal size samples Monte Carlo Methods Applications, 28(3)
Dinis, B. Equality and near-equality in a nonstandard world Logic and Logical Philosophy, 132(1)
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Ferreira, F., Kahle, R., Sommaruga, G. (editors). Axiomatic Thinking II Springer-Verlag
Ferreira, G., Protin, M. C. Typability and Type Inference in Atomic Polymorphism Logical Methods in Computer Science, 18(3)
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Florentino, C., Nozad, A., Silva, J., Zamora, A On Hodge Polynomials of Singular Character Varieties Current Trends in Analysis, its Applications and Computation (Proceedings of the 12th ISAAC Congress, Aveiro, Portugal, 2019)
Florentino, C. Plethystic Exponential Calculus and Characteristic Polynomials of Permutations Discrete Mathematics Letters, 8
Muratore, G., Schneider, C. Effective computations of the Atiyah-Bott formula Journal of Symbolic Computation, 112
Muratore, G. Enumeration of Rational Contact Curves via Torus Actions Michigan Math. J. Advance Publication
Fecht, H., Radojevic, V., Randjelovic, B., Serpa, C., Stajcic, A., Stajcic, I., Vasiljevic-Radovic, D. Microstructure of Epoxy-Based Composites: Fractal Nature Analysis Fractal and Fractional, 6(12)
Serpa, C. Affine Fractal Least Squares Regression Model Fractals, 30(7)
Gowrisankar, A., Kavitha, C., Priyanka, T. M. C., Serpa, C. Fractional Calculus for Multivariate Vector-Valued Function and Fractal Function Applied Fractional Calculus in Identification and Control. Studies in Infrastructure and Control


Nonlinear Analysis and Differencial Equations

Papers in international journals / books / book chapters / book editors

Authors Title Journal
Antontsev, S.N., de Oliveira, H.B. Cauchy problem for the Navier-Stokes-Voigt model governing nonhomogeneous flows Revista de la Real Academia de Ciencias Exactas, Físicas y Naturales - Serie A, Matematicas 116(4)
Antontsev, S.N., Khompysh, K., de Oliveira, H.B. Kelvin-Voigt equations for incompressible and nonhomogeneous fluids with anisotropic viscosity, relaxation and damping NoDEA - Nonlinear Differential Equations and Applications, 29(5)
Barroso, A. C., Zappale, E.  An optimal design problem with non-standard growth and no concentration effects Asymptotic Analysis, 128(3)
Barroso, A. C., Matias, J., Zappale, E.  Relaxation for an optimal design problem in BD(\Omega) Proceedings of the Royal Society of Edinburgh
Barroso, A. C., Matias, J., Morandotti, M., Owen, D. R., Zappale, E.  The variational modeling of hierarchical structured deformations Journal of Elasticity
Beirão da Veiga, H., Jiaqi Yang  On mixed pressure-velocity regularity criteria to the Navier-Stokes equations in Lorentz spaces, Part II: The non-slip boundary value problem Chinese Annals of Mathematics, Series B, 43(1)
Beirão da Veiga, H., Jiaqi Yang Navier-Stokes equations under slip boundary conditions: Lower bounds to the minimal amplitude of possible time-discontinuities of solutions with two components in L ∞(L 3 ) Science China Mathematics, 65
Casteras, J-B, De Lira, J. H., Heinonen, E., Holopainen, I. Analysis and Geometry in Metric Spaces, 10(1)
Casteras, J.-B., Holopainen, I.  Fourth Order Schrödinger Equation with Mixed Dispersion on Certain Cartan-Hadamard Manifolds Journal of Dynamics and Differential Equations
Dias, J.P., Frid, H. On short wave-long wave interactions in the relativistic context Communications in Mathematical Analysis and Applications (1)
Faria, T., Prates, H. C. Global attractivity  for a nonautonomous Nicholson's equation with mixed monotonicities Nonlinearity, 35
Faria, T. Stability for nonautonomous linear differential systems with infinite delay Journal of Dynamics and Differential Equations, 34
Faria, T., Figueroa, R. Positive periodic solutions for systems of impulsive delay differential equations Discrete and Continuous Dynamical Systems - Series B, 28
Faria, T.   Stability and periodic solutions for Nicholson equations with mixed monotone terms Matemática Contemporânea, 52
Van Goethem, N.   Is Objectivity really an objective concept? Annals of Applied Mathematics, 38(4)
Van Goethem, N., Xavier, M. Brittle fracture on plates governed by topological derivatives Engineering Computations, 39(1)
Azzam-Laouir, D,, Bouhali, N., Monteiro Marques, M.,   Optimal control of an evolution problem involving time-dependent maximal monotone operators Journal of Optimization Theory and Applications, 194(1)
Azzam-Laouir, D, Monteiro Marques, M., Selamnia, F. Evolution problems involving state-dependent maximal monotone operators Applicable Analysis, 101(1)
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Boccardo, L., Cirmi, G.R., Rodrigues, J.F.  On obstacle problems for non coercive linear operators Journal of Elliptic and Parabolic Equations, 8(2)
Rodrigues, J.F., Scala, R.  Dynamics of a viscoelastic membrane with gradient constraint Journal of Differential Equations, 317
Alphonse, A., Rautenberg, C.N., Rodrigues, J.F.  Analysis of a quasi-variational contact problem arising in thermoelasticity Nonlinear Analysis, Theory, Methods and Applications, 217
Rodrigues, J.F.  Portuguese mathematical typography: a brief overview from 1496 until 1987 European Mathematical Society Magazine, 123
Rodrigues, J.F Some Mathematical Aspects of the Periodic Table Memórias da Acad. Ciências Lisboa, Tomo C-XLVIII
Araújo, T., Vilela Mendes, R. Long-range connections and mixed diffusion in fractional networks Physica A: Statistical Mechanics and its Applications, 608 part I
Vilela Mendes, R.  On lattice confinement and hybrid fusion Modern Physics Letters B, 36(12)
Araújo, T., Vilela Mendes, R. Long-range connections, real world networks and rates of diffusion Advances in Complex Systems, 25(7)
Vilela Mendes, R.  Non-Abelian lattice theories: Consistent measures and strata International Journal of Modern Physics A, 37(10)


Operations Research and Optimization

Papers in international journals / books / book chapters / book editors

Authors Title Journal
Uribe-Rodriguez, A., Castro, P. M., Chachuat, B., Guillén-Gosálbez, G. Lagrangean Decomposition for Integrated Refinery-Petrochemical Short-term Planning Computer Aided Chemical Engineering, 49
Castro, P. M. , Qi Liao, Yongtu Liang  Comparison of mixed-integer relaxations with linear and logarithmic partitioning schemes for quadratically constrained problems Optimization and Engineering, 23
Fortz, B., Gouveia, L., Moura, P.  A comparison of node-based and arc-based hop-indexed formulations for the Steiner tree problem with hop constraints Networks, 80(2)
Bernardino, R., Gouveia, L., Paias, A., Santos, D.  The multi-depot family traveling salesman problem and clustered variants: Mathematical formulations and branch-&-cut based methods Networks, 89(4)
Gouveia, L., Paias A., Ponte, M.  The travelling salesman problem with positional consistency constraints: An application to healthcare services European Journal of Operational Research, 308(3)
Bernardino, R., Paias, A. The family traveling salesman problem with incompatibility constraints Networks, 79 (1)
Martins, I., Alvelos, F., Cerveira, A., Kašpar, J. and Marušák, R.,  Solving a harvest scheduling optimization problem with constraints on clearcut area and clearcut proximity International Transactions in Operational Research, 30(6)
Janela, J., Mourão, M.C., Pinto, L.S. Arc routing with trip-balancing and attractiveness measures — A waste collection case study Computers and Operations Research, 147
Ferreira, R., Móra, V., Mourão, M.C., Moz, M., Pinto, L.S., Ribeiro, J. Arc Routing for Parking Enforcement Officers: Exact and heuristic solutions” European Journal of Operational Research, 229 (1)
Ferreira, B., Carriço, N., Barreira, R., Dias, T., Covas, D.  Flowrate Time Series Processing in Engineering Tools for Water Distribution Networks Water Resources Research, 58 (6)
Saldanha-da-Gama, F. Facility Location in Logistics and transportation: An enduring replationship Transportation Research Part E: Logistics and Transportation Review 166
Saldanha-da-Gama, F., Yuchen Li, Zixiang Li New approaches for rebalancing an assembly line with disruptions International Journal of Computer Integrated Manufacturing, 35
Alcaraz, J., Anton-Sanchez, L., Saldanha-da-Gama, F. Bi-objective Resource-Constrained Project Scheduling Problem with Time-Dependent Resource Costs Journal of Manufacturing System 63
Bowen Zhang, Xiang Li, Saldanha-da-Gama, F. Free-floating bike-sharing systems: new repositioning rules, optimization models and solution algorithms Information Sciences, 600
Mesquita, M., Marques, S., Marques, M, Marto, M., Constantino M., Borges J.G.  An optimization approach to design forest road networks and plan timber transportation Operational Research, 22
Filho, A. A., Florentino, H. O., Pato, M. V., Poltroniere, S. C., Costa, J. F. S. Exact and heuristic methods to solve a bi-objective problem of sustainable cultivation Annals of Operations Research, 314
Miranda, J. L., Pato, M. V., Teixeira, P. The European survey on OR/MS Education: statistical analysis addressing the lecturing modules, in “New Perspectives in Operations Research and Management Science - Essays in Honor of Fusun Ulengin”, Y. Topcu, S. Ekia, O. Kabak, E. Aktas, O. Ozaydin (eds), Springer “International Series in Operations Research & Management Science”, book series, chapter 12