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Logic, Geometry and Dynamical Systems

Authors Title Journal/Book
Araújo, A. B., Serranho, P. On the use of quasi-equidistant source points over the sphere surface for the method of fundamental solutions Journal of Computational and Applied Mathematics, 359
Araújo, A. B., Olivero, L. F., Antinozzi, S. HIMmaterial: Exploring new hybrid media for immersive drawing and collage Proceedings of the 9th International Conference on Digital and Interactive Arts
Araújo, A. B. Eq A Sketch 360, a Serious Toy for Drawing Equirectangular Spherical Perspectives Proceedings of the 9th International Conference on Digital and Interactive Arts
Araújo, A. B., Rossi, A., Olivero, L. F. Boxing the Visual Sphere: Towards a systematic solution of the cubical perspective UID per disegno: 2019
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Gomes, D., Sernadas, A., Sernadas, C., Rasga, J., Mateus, P. A Mathematical Primer on Linear Optimization (book) College Publications, ISBN. 978-1-84890-315-9 (2019)



Nonlinear Analysis and Differencial Equations

Authors Title Journal/Book
Rashkov, P., Venturino, E., Aguiar, M.Stollenwerk, N., Kooi, B. W. On the role of vector modeling in a minimalistic epidemic model Mathematical Biosciences and Engineering, 16(5)
Antontsev S.N., Aitzhanov S. E. Inverse problem for an equation with a nonstandard growth condition Journal of Applied Mechanics and Technical Physics, 60
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Antontsev S.N., Shmarev S. On a class of fully nonlinear parabolic equations Advances in Nonlinear Analysis, 8(1)
Antontsev, S. N., Shmarev, S.  Higher regularity of solutions of singular parabolic equations with variable nonlinearity Applicable Analysis, 98(1-2)
Antontsev S.N., Shmarev, S., Simsen, J., Stefanello Simsen, M. Differential inclusion for the evolution p(x)- Laplacian with memory Electronic Journal of Differential Equations, 2019(26)
Antontsev, S. Oliveira, H. B; Khompysh, K. Existence and large time behavior for generalized Kelvin-Voigt equations governing nonhomogeneous and incompressible fluids  Journal of Physics: Conference Series, 1268
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Antontsev, S. Oliveira, H. B.; Khompysh, K. Generalized Kelvin-Voigt equations for nonhomogeneous and incompressible fluids Communications in Mathematical Sciences, 17
Araújo, T.; Göbel, M. Reframing the S&P 500 network of stocks along the 21st century Physica A: Statistical Mechanics and its Applications, 526
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Operations Research and Optimization

Authors Title Journal
Almeida, M. T.; Brás, R. The maximum l-triangle k-club problem: compexity, properties and algorithms< Computers and Operations Research, 111
Marques, I.; Captivo, M. E.; Barros, N. Optimizing the master surgery schedule in a private hospital Operations Research for Health Care, 20
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